There are 3 options to contribute. To maximize your investment, donate NOW to any or all of these groups, which we recommend based on thorough research and consultation with sophisticated donor advisors. You can donate online directly to our recommended organizations from this page. Instructions for donating by check, wire/stock transfer, charitable trust or donor-advised fund are here.

  • Are embedded in communities of color; leadership and staff come from the communities they serve

  • Can take political positions and directly advocate for candidates and legislation

  • Work to engage and empower local leaders and voters to create long-term systemic change in their communities

Build power in AZ, MI, MN, NC, PA, WI

Support Center for Voter Information and Voter Participation Center, sister organizations that both:

  • Work on targeted voter registration and vote-by-mail efforts

  • Urgently need donations before registration deadlines and summer vote-by-mail push

  • Register people of color, unmarried women, and young people in key geographic areas

  • Use a proven approach informed by rigorous testing and evaluation

  • Are the most cost-effective and impactful way to turn out underrepresented voters

Has flexibility to be political, biggest funding gap

Tax deductible, eligible for employer match

Why invest in voter registration and engagement?

In 2016, Trump won by fewer than 78,000 votes in three states simply because Democrats didn’t turn out. For example, Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes, but in Detroit alone, 75,000 Obama voters did not vote for president in 2016. To meet the current moment, which has highlighted the need for transformative change at all levels of government, we must support efforts to break down institutionalized and racial barriers to voter participation and civic empowerment. In the face of Republican efforts to disenfranchise Democratic voters, and safety concerns due to COVID, we can make the biggest impact by helping ensure that every eligible voter in key battleground states is able to cast a ballot this November.

Learn more about why voter turnout is the best early investment you can make in 2020.

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“Protest to demand attention to the wrenching pain of systemic injustice. Vote because we deserve leaders who see us, who hear us and who are willing to act on our demands.”

Stacey Abrams, New York Times Op-Ed, June 4, 2020

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